Project Support and Management

Do you have a project or contract for which you have limited time or limited expertise to implement?

The PlanetCorps Group provides integrated project support and management services. We provide superior single point of accountability and leadership in every project, large and small’ and a culture that takes initiative and embraces the responsibility to get it done right, on time and on budget.

Our expertise can provide you with constructablity reviews, value engineering reviews and construction oversight on projects of any scope and across the world.

We make available within a short time international technical experts and partners, for project support and implementation, whenever required.

We are always ready to deliver the project on your behalf at minimal cost and give you the opportunity to take all the profit while allowing you to have more time to attend to more important business schedules.

Our success is driven by our communication approach to every project and our attention to detail in the design and build stage.

Understanding our clients expectations is key and we strive to exceed expectations. Managing change and disruption is the key to a successful project and our projects team are always available to discuss any comments you may have.

Our project support team brings over 80 years of company wide experience in contract management, project administration, and direct task support - and we have the capability to leverage this experience for the benefit of your agency and programs.

We encourage you to contact us directly...for all of your service needs. We are ready to address your needs as our own.